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From the very good results obtained with Pan de Azúcar vineyard, in its first 4 harvests, we decided to develop a new vineyard where the maritime influence is even more important, also from the vineyard we can see directly the sea and the distance to it Is only 3 km.

On a hill that extends at the north of “Las Espinas” hill, and on the east and northeast slope of the same hill we started the implementation of two plots of the Tannat and Pinot Noir varieties in spring 2016, to which will be added in the future the Chardonnay and the Merlot.

The geology of the place that we have selected for the implantation of the vine plots is very similar to the Pan de Azúcar vineyard, being constituted by rocks denominated Traquitas that differ mainly of the syenitas by present a finer grain given its volcanic nature.

Variety Hectare
Pinot Noir
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