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Lunes a sábados: 9:00 a 19:00 Hs

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Noviembre – 2013 Bouza en www.jancisrobinson.com

Noviembre – 2013 Bouza en www.jancisrobinson.com


Bouza Albariño 2012 Montevideo 17 Drink 2013-2015
Five hours’ pre-fermentation maceration at 5 ºC. 15% fermented in French oak, the rest in tank.
Fragrantly fresh with definite richness, almost reminds me of a smaragd-style Austrian Grüner Veltliner on the nose – that slightly spicy and delicately oily citrus character but there is more fragrance and less spice here. Full bodied and full in the mouth with impressive weight and density but no heaviness. Very very long with the scent of apricot and orange on the fresh, lively, spicy finish. A serious white wine. (JH) 13.5%
Bouza, Coco 2011Uruguay 16.5 Drink 2013-2016
Unnecessarily heavy bottle. A blend of barrel-fermented and nine months lees-aged Chardonnay with fresh Albariño blend. Bottle 1,540 out of 1,680.
The nose is rich and creamy, a little buttery. Technically dry, I believe, but quite honeyed on the palate. There’s freshness too, even with that honey character. Creamy lemon fills the mouth. Intense, well crafted, avoids heaviness but somehow lacks energy. Maybe it needs to lose some puppy fat. (JH) 14%


Bouza, Monte Vide Eu 2011 Montevideo 17.5 Drink 2016-2024
Horribly heavy bottle – worse than the other reds. Tannat/Merlot/Tempranillo blend. Varieties vinified separately and aged 8-14 months in oak.
Fine, complex aroma of both red and black fruit and subtle oak spice. Very slightly spirity on the nose. Tannins are finer than on the varietal Tannat and Tempranillo yet still quite compact and dense. Definitely has the potential for elegance with some more time in bottle. Pretty oaky now but I hope that will become more of a support than an overlay as the wine ages. Has Uruguay’s hallmark freshness even with all this ripeness of fruit and high alcohol. Very ambitious. (JH) 15.5%
Bouza, B9 Merlot 2011

Las Violetas, Canelones 17 Drink 2015-2021

Unnecessarily heavy bottle. Bottle number 1965 out of 1982. 11 months in new French oak. Bottled unfiltered.
Deep crimson. Lovely pure fruit on the nose – ripe plum and red fruits and just a touch of oak spice, the oak not able to overwhelm the fruit’s intensity. Firm but rounded
tannins, freshness more marked than on the Tempranillo despite the much higher alcohol, which is remarkably just in balance. Ripe, moreish and long. (JH) 16%
Bouza, B15 Tempranillo 2011 Las Violetas, Canelones 16.5 Drink 2015-2018
Bottle number 829 out of 2000. Single vineyard. 10 months in US barrels. Bottled unfiltered February 2012.
Unnecessarily heavy bottle. Deep crimson. Smells both sweet and savoury (almost meaty) but intense primary fruit still apparent. Velvety but quite thick tannins that still need
time to become more silky. Plenty of sweet oak spice and rich red fruit flavours. Concentrated and well made but there’s some heat on the finish and only just enough
freshness to counteract the sweet flavours, otherwise I would have scored it higher for the fruit quality and careful winemaking. (JH) 13.5%
Bouza, B6 Tannat 2011 Las Violetas, Canelones 16.5 Drink 2015-2021
Unnecessarily heavy bottle. 14 months in new US oak. Bottled unfiltered October 2012.
Sweetness of US oak dominates the nose. Lots of vanilla over the ripe cherry fruit. Rich and mouthwatering but I find the oak just too much. The fruit is obviously wonderful
and I wish it had the opportunity to sing a little more loudly. Chewy, ripe, well-managed and refined tannins. Maybe with a few years in bottle it will. (JH) 16%