Our plots are in two traditional vine growing regions on the south of Uruguay, very close to the sea. Our vineyards are on fertile, well drained soils, with differentiated soil layers and the presence of Calcium Carbonate. These characteristics make them suitable for making concentrated wines with long cellaring potential.

Melilla soils are dark coloured, of medium texture and slightly acidic. In contrast, at Las Violetas the soils originate from sedimentary or volcanic rocks, providing good rooting conditions for the vines.

The soils have a permanent varied grass and flower covering, forming an adequate habitat for insects, hence having a varied population with ecological control.
Uruguay is in the southern hemisphere where seasons are defined. Our climate has great similarities with Bordeaux and the proximity of the ocean moderates the summer temperatures, which rarely exceed 34°C.
These climatic changes demand that we work very hard on the vineyards but the rewards are great strong, individual and complex wines, which vary from year to year.